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Plastic  Machinery Vacuum Forming Machine

LongKou Fushi Packing Machinery Co., Ltd

        Founded in 1994,Longkou Fushi Packing Machinery Co., Ltd has developed CE certified Plastic Extrusion Machinery, Vacuum Forming Machine, Fruits Cleaning, Waxing&Grading Machine, PS/EPE foam Sheet Extrusion Line, EPE foam Net Extrusion Line, XPS Foam Board Extrusion Line, PE Cap Liner Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, PE/PS Recycling and Pelletizing Line, totally more than 20 kinds of machines, which are widely used in the fields of fruits making&processing, furniture packing, food, medical apparatus&pharmaceutical, electron, arts&crafts, construction ind

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Fruit  Packing  Machine

Fives advantageFaster, more efficient, quality and quantity, on-time delivery



Company was founded in 1994,twenty years, the company on its own technical force, to produce quality products.

Selling the whole country

Company production of various products, sell well in more than 20 provinces and cities of the country. At present, the company production of various kinds of fruit bag machine, foam screen machine, foam cloth production line, no network line, snack box production equipment, has been exported to more than 10 overseas countries and regions.

Traffic is very convenient

Company is located in the beautiful coastal city - longkou, 80 kilometers east of yantai, south 200 kilometers away from Qingdao, 190 kilometers west of weifang, the traffic is very convenient. Egg Fuji packaging machinery co., LTD warmly welcome friends at home and abroad, the social from all walks of life to visit guidance,.

Perfect quality

We pass strict quality inspection process, each link of production equipment strict examination records, ensure the quality of the equipment.



Quality service

Professional after-sales personnel one-on-one service, 24 hours dealing with complaints, customer pays a return visit on a regular basis.



Plastic  Machinery Vacuum Forming Machine

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